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  • Flex Vision-Guide Robotic Cold Cement Assembly Line

    The background of the case of flexible vision guided robot cold bonding forming line is the middle section process of sneaker gluing in Skechers OEM, Adidas Indonesia OEM, and Li Ning OEM. Including modeling registration, sole and upper gluing, and a complete set of automated processes for applying treatment agents to ensure product consistency. Technical features: About 5-10 minutes to complete the new product introduction; Complete the spraying work of one shoe in an average of 12-15 seconds; 3D vision and robot automatic planning, suitable for various products.

    2023/03/27 fanstek 11

  • Automatic production line for shoe lights

    Change the discrete operation mode to an assembly line operation mode to reduce the production cost of shoe lights.

    2023/03/27 fanstek 6

  • RVC-X Series 3D Camera

    The RVC-X series 3D cameras are flexible and adaptable to various intelligent manufacturing scenarios, such as shoe coating, loading and unloading, sorting, etc.

    2023/03/27 fanstek 7

  • Whole shoe gait tester

    Under the condition of imitating normal human walking, continuously flex 50000 to 500000 times or more without any cracks.

    2023/03/27 fanstek 1

  • 马丁靴灯带产品介绍


    2022/10/10 fanstek 3

  • LED多彩鞋灯介绍


    2022/10/10 fanstek 1

  • 风火轮介绍


    2022/10/10 fanstek 2

  • JEBRA耳塞自动包装系统


    2022/10/10 fanstek 1

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